Zero Waste Feminine Care: A How-To Guide

Alright, ladies, let’s talk zero waste feminine care. Because here’s the thing: periods happen. They’re a normal, natural part of life. But you know what isn’t so natural? Filling up our garbage dumps with around 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons per year. Especially when these items aren’t necessarily the most hygienic or eco-friendly solution… at least, not anymore. 

Way back in ancient Egypt, feminine care options included natural elements such as papyrus, grass, or wool. In fact, modern tampons as we know them today didn’t exist until 1929, when a man named Dr. Earle Haas developed the applicator-plus-string approach.


But ladies, it’s 2020 – nearly a full century since the invention of tampons – and we can do better. Consider what we know about the eco-impact of our feminine care buying choices (and the not-so-secret addition of questionable chemicals). Not to mention the astonishing variety of sustainably-minded choices now available. 

Thinx’ period panties, for example, provide a stylish and absorbent underwear alternative. The crowdfunded brand TOTM offers 100% organic cotton tampons, liners, and pads. And companies like Diva Cup, Lunette, and Lena craft soft, reusable cups that could save you tons of dough and are really quite comfortable, once you get the hang of it.


We’re not saying you need to dive in and sew your own pads or anything. Although, you’ll find plenty of pretty rad craft patterns and pre-made sets on Etsy (yay for small, independent businesses!) Simply resolving to try at least one sustainable solution this year might be a great place to start!

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