Summer 2020 Eco-Beauty Trends to Watch

Mainstream beauty catches up to eco-beauty in a big way, leading to widespread benefits for Mother Earth and consumers alike. Summer 2020 eco-beauty trends bring into sharp focus a collective emphasis on prioritizing the planet with our pocketbooks. A widespread (and growing) consumer push toward more Earth-friendly approaches leads beauty brands to make powerful, positive changes. The result? Summer makeup and skincare trends that consider all parties involved, human or otherwise. 

The Rise of “Slow Beauty” and “Blue Beauty”


The beauty industry is making moves toward “slow beauty” instead of fast beauty which, like “fast fashion,” prioritizes production speed and volume over the use of slower, more eco-friendly methods. Brands such as L’Oreal and Lush are developing zero-waste packaging and waterless beauty solutions. “Blue beauty” is also on the rise, bringing awareness to the impact of production on our oceans and water supplies. In fact, L’Oreal reduced its water consumption by 60% per finished product. Similarly, Procter & Gamble plans to launch a “Waterless” hair care collection. 

Targeted Pollution Protection

Skin is our largest organ. Every day, it comes into contact with countless toxins through our beauty and body products, as well as the air we breathe. Harper’s Bazaar reports that “if sun exposure is our skin’s number one enemy, pollution is number two.” As a result, many brands now feature ingredients to defend skin against pollution and other harmful environmental factors. 

Taking Back “Clean” Beauty

Lau Botanicals Oil Ritual offers Hawaiian-inspired clean beauty

“Clean beauty” is a familiar part of the national lexicon, but consumers are demanding that it be clearly defined. Too many brands have taken liberties with the term, stretching its meaning to include chemical ingredients that aren’t so clean. Now, forward-thinking brands like HIGHR and Hawaiian-made Lau Botanicals are leading the charge to take back holistic beauty, adhering to much stricter definitions of “clean.”

“Skinimalist” and “Skip-Care” Approaches

Previously, K-Beauty-inspired cleansing routines included multiple steps and products. Now, the “skinimalist” or “skip-care” approach calls for hybrid, multi-purpose products that simplify the process while reducing overall consumption. Eco-products like the QYKSonic ZOE Sonic Skin Device and Dr. Lily Ros 100% Natural Elasticity Booster Clay Mask lay a solid foundation for healthy skin, helping to minimize product use while supporting a commitment to Earth-friendly practices.

Make-Believe Meets Real-World 

Dr. Lily Ros 100% Natural Lipstick offers a nourishing, natural-looking stain to complement summer’s high-velocity makeup

There is plenty of room for glitz and glamor this season, with splashes of neon, glitter, and larger-than-life lashes. Playful “make-believe makeup” and free color play are on the rise, complemented by a subtle lip stain that draws just the right amount of attention. Dr. Lily Ros 100% Natural Lipstick offers a nourishing, moisture-rich formula that makes lips look fuller and feel softer. Free of parabens, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, and silicones, add a pop of Red Plum, Shimmer Nude, or Gold to your summer beauty routine.

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