You Are What You Wear: 3 Wearable Healing Brands We Love

Wearable Healing: The Old-World History of a Modern Trend

The idea of clothing and jewelry that offer “wearable healing” isn’t new. Although it sounds like a mystical concept, such items historically served as a means of healing and good fortune. Archaeologists discovered the first piece of jewelry on record – a string of fish bones – in a Monaco cave. While we may not know exactly what this 25,000-year old item symbolized, we do possess clues to its meaning. For example, we know that early cultures often wore jewelry to show identity or status and protect against bad fortune.


Today, brands like Conges Fine Jewelry offer one-of-a-kind pieces that masterfully blend beautiful design with powerful purpose. Featuring gemstones and crystals revered for their healing, protecting properties, each Conges collection – the Signature and Personalized Signature, Scarab and Ancient Egypt, Third Eye, Dream Catcher and Native American, and Marque – offers handcrafted pieces designed to uplift, inspire, and promote personal empowerment.

The Conges Third Eye Charm ($895)

In addition, companies like NEGATIVE offer functional jewelry with earth-focused healing. The idea came from Carbon Upcycling Technologies – a finalist in the Carbon XPRIZE competition to create useable products from atmospheric CO2 emissions. Each black beaded bracelet features a unique blend of clay, natural fibers, and solidified carbon dioxide.


The Art of Ayurvastra: You Are What You Wear

More than 5,000 years ago, Indian women practiced Ayurvastra – the art of using natural, plant-based dyes to color clothing fibers. Traditionally, these items featured 100% organic cotton “treated with precise combinations of herbs and oils thought to promote health and help cure diseases.” Today, brands like Seam Siren offer a selection of Ayuvastra-inspired pieces intended to support good health and inner balance.

Seam Siren’s Nettle Fiber Grounding Clutch ($79)

Their Nettle and Organic Cotton Fiber Fortifying Sweatshirt ($120) features wild nettle fiber, believed to nurture the spirit and offer anti-histamine properties. Similarly, their Nettle Fiber Grounding Clutch ($79) features handcrafted nettle fiber from the Himalayas, hand-dyed without chemicals or synthetic elements. In addition, 10% of each Seam Siren purchase goes to support the female artisans behind it. This helps to preserve old-world traditions, skills, and culture.

Curious to know more? Visit our blog post dedicated to the art of ayurvastra “clothing as medicine.”

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