The Hottest Eco-Home Design Trends to Try Right Now

If you’re like us, you look forward to the fresh start of a new year – particularly when it comes to your indoor decor. Unfortunately, an entire overhaul of your interior design can cost you – both time and dollars – while contributing to a cycle of waste that isn’t great for Mother Earth, either. 

Update Your Space with the Year’s Hottest Eco-Home Design Trends

So, we’ve put together a quick guide to the year’s hottest eco-home design trends that are easy and (bonus!) sustainability-focused. Here’s what we’re loving right now:

Blend Classic + Contemporary


The main focus in 2020 home design is multi-functional comfort. As a result, you can’t go wrong personalizing your living spaces with travel souvenirs, knick-knacks, photos, and items that hold meaning for you. Dare to blend old pieces with new as you organize each room to suit your unique and busy lifestyle. If you’re looking for more color in your space this year, check out The Global Trunk’s collection of hand-embroidered pillows made by indigenous artisans from repurposed textiles.  

Lean In to Bold Self-Expression

Whether you’re into vintage or modern, florals or solids, let your inner artist create a space that represents YOU. Try a bold mix of contrasting colors, patterns, and prints. In order to decorate a bit more sustainably, shop used paint or wallpaper at your local home improvement store or design warehouse. Additionally, you can find one of the season’s hot-ticket items – wicker or rattan furniture – at thrift stores or garage sales. 

Add Quick Pops of Color

One easy way to upgrade your indoor spaces this season: add splashes of color to kitchen or bathroom cabinets and doorways. Try dark painted doors for dramatic effect, or earth-toned cabinets to ground and center. Search home improvement stores or shop online secondhand marketplaces (think Facebook or Craigslist) for used paint to help reduce waste.  

Give a Nod to Mother Earth


Every scratch or natural patina on a piece of decor or furniture tells a story. Right now, interior design is all about letting that history shine. Understated items crafted from earth-based elements such as terracotta, stone, and clay help bring balance to your space. These gorgeous, wheel-thrown pieces from Jason Fox Ceramics are a great example. What’s more, the rise of biophilic design brings a focus to live plants and cozy, sustainable fabrics. 

Thrifty Wall Decor

The modern-day blending of traditional and non-traditional gives rise to an old-world approach to wall decor: the return of the antiqued tapestry. Browse thrift stores and garage sales for worn-in rugs you can hang using a curtain rod. While you’re searching, be sure to keep an eye out for interesting second-hand art, which is also making a comeback – even in the kitchen!

Try these easy eco-home design trends to update your space for 2020. While you’re at it, find inspiration in this article we posted on the art of seasonal Feng Shui.