4 Incredible Benefits of Spending More Time Outside This Summer (as if You Needed Another Excuse)

There is SO much to love about summertime – the weather, the fashion, the food. But, in case you needed yet another reason to adore this decidedly delightful season, we’ve got you covered: a recent scientific study shows incredible health benefits to getting outside… and summer is the ideal time to do so.

Earlier this year, researchers in the UK interviewed 20,000 people to discover how interactions with nature affected their day-to-day life. Last month, Scientific Reports published their findings. To some of us, it may come as no surprise that “the likelihood of reporting good health or high well-being became significantly greater” with 120 minutes or more of nature contact… and it doesn’t matter whether these 120 minutes were achieved all at once or over a week-long period.

Adding a little touch of green to your life can help balance your mood and enhance relaxation.

Here’s why we think this might be:

  • Screen detox: When you’re out in nature, you are more likely to take time away from technology. Without the distraction of news, social media, and email in front of you, your mind is free to relax and simply exist in the moment.
  • Green mood balance: Possibly because of its close association with nature and the outdoors, green is known to be a calming, stress-relieving hue. It makes sense, then, that surrounding yourself with more of this healing color would help to balance mood and prompt relaxation.
  • The fresh air effect: Most of the time, many of us are indoors, immersed in the artificial cooling of air conditioning. When we’re outside, surrounded by fresh air and increased oxygen levels, our concentration improves, our immune system benefits, and we feel more energized.
  • Location mind-shift: Changing up your physical location has been shown to improve creativity. Even moving from one room to another, or from sitting to standing, can help to get more blood flowing to your brain. But it also literally shifts your perspective… and when you spend time in a wide, open space (as opposed to the confines of an office or home), it can serve as a powerful reminder of your physical place in the universe and how insignificant many of your problems truly are in the scheme of things.
The fresh air of the outdoors helps to boost energy and creativity while improving immunity and concentration.

Needing a boost of creativity or a quiet moment to re-charge? Get outside! Even a few 30-minute weekly lunch breaks spent outdoors can do your body a world of good.

Got a favorite way to spend time in nature? Share it with us below!