portland, oregon

Green City Series: Why Portland is a Top Eco-Tourism Destination

Portland, Oregon – best known for “keeping it weird” with a lively mix of delicious local food, brews, and culture. If that sounds like just the right vacation spot for you, then you’ll be delighted to know this popular eco-tourism destination is distinctively green (in landscape and sustainability measures).

At Verte Luxe, we’re always searching out the best eco-friendly travel destinations. You’ll find a collection of team favorites in our Green City Series, which features metropolitan areas like St. Paul and Chicago that are known for doing their part to support the environment.

This week, we’re sharing why the iconic “Rose City” of Portland, Oregon should top every eco-conscious traveler’s adventure list…

portland, oregon

Getting Around Portland…

As their basketball team moniker suggests, Portland is a true trailblazer. In fact, it’s one of the first cities in the world to develop a master plan for bicyclists and pedestrians. This makes pollution-free commuting easier and more efficient for its citizens. What’s more, Portland boasts over 92,000 acres of dedicated green spaces connecting a system of walking and biking trails.

If neither activity appeals to you, don’t worry. A variety of other public transit choices offer carbon-conscious means of getting around. The city bus system, MAX light rail, or the Portland Streetcar all make for convenient, environmentally-friendly mobility.

Renewable Energy is Everywhere…

Whichever quirky Portland neighborhood you choose to call home during your visit, chances are your abode will be powered by renewable energy. The implementation of 2009’s Climate Action Plan requires every building within city limits to draw its energy from renewable resources. Additionally, owners must generate at least 15% of this energy onsite via solar panels or similar methods – a big reason why Portland is a decidedly green eco-tourism destination.

Where to Go…

Immerse yourself in a beautiful location along the mighty Willamette River surrounded by thick evergreen forests. You’ll find a plethora of gorgeous hiking trails, plus lively riverside festivals to enjoy during the spring and summer months.

Planning to visit Portland during fall or winter? Then you’ll quickly discover the secret behind the city’s lush landscape: persistent wet weather conditions. Still, there’s no shortage of indoor things to do. Start by visiting the world’s largest independent book store, Powell’s Books. Follow up with a bar-hopping excursion to the many Portland breweries proudly featuring locally crafted beers.

What to Eat…

You’re sure to work up an appetite exploring the city. No matter your tastes or preferences, the area’s array of food options will not disappoint. You’ll find vegan restaurants on nearly every corner, as well as delightfully unique food trucks sprinkled throughout the city. A few of our favorite plant-based restaurants include Mama Dút, Ichiza Kitchen, and The Sudra. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the dairy-free options available at Doe Donuts or Petunia’s Pies & Pastries.

Travel season will be here before we know it. Consider Portland as an eco-tourism destination you can feel good about. Don’t forget to check out our safe and eco-conscious travel tips before you go!