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Green City Series: St. Paul

As the world begins to slowly open back up, it will soon be time to start scheduling your 2021 travel plans. At Verte Luxe, we’re happy to support the rise of “eco-tourism” because we’re all about practicing sustainability in every aspect of life, including travel. As a part of our Green City Series, we’re highlighting the number one sustainable city in the nation: St. Paul, Minnesota. Our Green City Series features destinations that are paving the way for sustainable planning, such as Boston, Honolulu, and Chicago.

So what does one-half of the Twin Cities have to offer? We’re sharing a guide to what eco-conscious travelers should know about St. Paul, Minnesota below.

Getting around St. Paul…

st. paul

The city of St. Paul is a leader in sustainability when it comes to public transportation. As a means to support an eco-lifestyle, the city has implemented light-rail transit systems and green buses to make getting around both eco-friendly and time-saving. You’ll also find electric car charging stations and bike paths sprinkled throughout the city.

Things to do…

st. paul

St. Paul, Minnesota is home to many lively and walkable outdoor attractions. The first stop on your Twin Cities tour should be the magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral, which overlooks downtown. St. Paul is also where the largest collection of Victorian buildings in the United States still stands today. You’ll find these 373 structures while strolling down Summit Avenue, which makes you feel like you’re walking through a nineteenth-century time machine.

Aside from the historic landmarks, St. Paul is filled with beautiful parks, numerous lakes, recreational paths, and the Mississippi River, so every nature lover is sure to be satisfied with the “green” lifestyle of the city.

st. paul

Where to eat…

Of course, when traveling somewhere new, where you eat matters just as much as what you do! Luckily, St. Paul has plenty of delectable, eco-friendly options. A few of the most coveted vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the city include Pizza LucĂ©, J. Selby’s, and Foxy Falafel, which all offer an array of consciously made dishes.

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