Sustainable Holiday Tree Ideas

You’ve repurposed your wrapping paper and purchased eco-conscious gifts. You’ve tried in every way to reduce, reuse, and recycle your holiday decor. There’s just one thing still missing from your zero-waste Christmas: a sustainable holiday tree.

Whether you purchase living or faux, it’s likely that your tree will – one day – end up decaying in a landfill. And with artificial trees, that’s especially bad news, as their petrochemical and PVC makeup doesn’t settle well into our atmosphere… so, here are a few alternative ideas to deck your halls without the unwanted chemical fallout:

Peep the Potted Varieties

Many of us feature potted plants in our spaces – why not bring home one more? With a bit of light and water, a potted holiday tree stays fresh and vibrant throughout the season. Then, you can plant it outdoors to help cleanse carbon dioxide from our air. It’s a win/ win! Check out the selection at your local plant nursery, home goods, or hardware store.

Borrow Your Boughs

Certain local nurseries and tree growers offer a rental program. This enables you to enjoy the merry vibes of a live tree, while skipping the wasteful dumping part. If your city doesn’t have a rental program, why not suggest it to a local nursery?

Deck the Outdoors


If your property already features a living pine tree, why not just decorate it right where it stands? That way, all who drive by can enjoy it. Just be sure to use environmentally and animal-safe ornaments that won’t end up causing more harm than joy.

Give Other Plants a Chance

Who says your tree has to be a conifer? Some folks prefer to experiment with other potted varieties, such as a Plumeria or Ficus. More sustainable, just as jolly!

Go Ho-Ho-Faux

Companies like PossibiliTree create artfully modern renditions of holiday trees. And the best part? No needle mess, no waste! Starting as low as $160, enjoy this merry conversation piece for many holidays to come.

For more ways to create a sustainable holiday tree, visit or Find eco-friendly holiday decor ideas in our posts on Eco-Conscious, Festive Home Decorating and Easy, All-Natural Home Scent Ideas. Don’t forget to visit the Verte Luxe Holiday Shop for all your favorite eco-conscious brands for everyone on your list!