The Yoga “Mind-Body” Cure for Lockdown Blues

Combat anxiety and strengthen your body with the yoga “mind-body” cure.

For weeks, the entire world has been on pause waiting for the threat of Coronavirus to pass. Many of us are still getting used to the resulting lifestyle changes. Social distancing and community lockdown present their own unique challenges. For example, higher levels of anxiety, less opportunity for physical activity, and – in the absence of social events – outright boredom.

Yoga to the Rescue

Mental Health America reports the positive benefits of yoga for depression and anxiety. Similarly, the Yoga Journal cites 38 benefits, including increased immunity and higher levels of serotonin (the “happy chemical”).

Not Sure Where to Start?

Cara Provenzano is the founder of Jedi Yoga Warrior and a yoga instructor skilled in the arts of flow and Ashtanga. A love for people and passion for travel inform her powerful approach. Through private sessions and retreats, Provenzano creates curated, “mindful yoga experiences” for clients across the globe. Click here to book a private session and learn more about her upcoming Baja retreat (October 2020).


Nick Gonzalez of Yoga With Nick G brings a down-to-earth, “yoga is for everyone” philosophy to the practice. Find new workouts posted weekly on YouTube – attendees can join live for free or watch later at their convenience.

Gear Up Like a Yogi


Corc Yoga specializes in crafting cork mats for better grounding and connection with Mother Nature (starting at $175). Dedicated to sustainability, Corc Yoga mats are chemical-free, hypo-allergenic, and made from 100% renewable materials. The natural cork fibers also repel dirt, sand, and moisture.


Known for luxury clothing that is naturally beautiful, inside and out, Sage Larock is actively working to make positive impacts on the fashion industry. Sourcing and producing locally, their new Sana Terra line of sustainable activewear also features super-soft eco-material crafted from upcycled marine plastic debris and ghost fishing nets (starting at $75).


Seam Siren’s Nettle Fiber Grounding Yoga Towel ($59) features natural anti-microbial properties to protect and fortify, in addition to organic cotton, ethically-sourced copper, and 100% wildcrafted Nepalese Nettle Fiber. Add a few drops of essential oils to bring balance and energy to your practice.


Softwear’s “buttery soft” eco fabric is 100% US-made, sustainable, and ideal for ultimate everyday comfort. Offering a complete line of men’s and women’s essential luxury loungewear, Softwear is our go-to both before and after practice for true “athleisure” that moves with you (starting at $42).

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