Creating Your Dream Day with Eco-Wedding Must Haves

While planning your 2020 wedding, it is crucial to remain conscious of your impact on the earth. Fortunately, there are tons of easy (and lovely!) ways to reduce your carbon footprint with these eco-wedding must haves.

Rent (or Buy Preowned!) the Dress of Your Dreams

Your dress is the most iconic silhouette in your wedding. Make it stunning by buying a preowned dress, or a vintage classic. Renting the designer dress you have your eye on from sites such as Borrowing Magnolia is another alternative option for the dress of your dreams.

Wedding Favors That Give Back

For a heart touching eco-wedding, invite guests to make a donation to the charity of your choice. Or for something to hold, offer seed pouches or little potted plants as another simple eco-wedding favor. And don’t forget eco-friendly confetti!

Supporting Local While Minimizing Your Carbon Footprint

Support local breweries (kegs, not bottles!), use local catering services or hire local food trucks. A vegetarian or vegan menu can also cut down on your carbon footprint. Additionally, consider offering a composting service at your reception to help reduce waste.

Explore the World While Doing Your Part

Arrive at your faraway island escape in true ecotourist fashion. Ecotourism is all about prioritizing conservation during travel while supporting and respecting local communities. Companies like The Green Maya Project make this easy by planning a magical trip that minimizes physical, social, behavioral, and psychological impacts to the area.

“It’s important to think not just about what you’re seeing on your trips, but what you are doing to make sure these wonders are still here for your children and grandchildren to see,” says Geoff Bolan, chief executive officer of Sustainable Travel International.

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