Pandemic Wedding Planning: 4 Creative “I Do” Ideas

Browse our top four pandemic wedding planning ideas to celebrate while social distancing.

In 2019, wedding planning involved organizing a celebration for around 130 people at an average cost of $33,900. Then, Coronavirus happened. Now, social distancing and uncertainty about the safety of long-distance travel affect the way we plan any large event. Many news outlets and wedding planning resources believe this change reflects a shift already happening within U.S. culture. As a result, couples don’t need to search high and low for creative pandemic wedding planning ideas in order to find a growing list of customizable alternatives to a large gathering. Here are four of our favorites:

Crisis-Customized Planning

Whether your day is fast approaching or yet-to-be planned, Everlasting Vegan Events can help. Their experienced team will set to work booking (or re-booking) vendors while keeping you updated on the latest industry developments. Get the extra assistance you need to feel prepared and pampered.

Your Dream Day, Delivered


Wedding planning enters the era of door-to-door delivery. Professionals like Toronto’s Rebecca Chan offer a “touch of luxury in the privacy of home.” Browse affordable, customizable packages and optional enhancements, such as photography or an online make-up and hair tutorial. 

Video Vows joins with Zoom to help couples share their wedding with quarantined guests far and wide. A one-on-one tech support team makes sure attendees get an up-close-and-virtual experience of every part of the day. Film the processional and ceremony, along with toasts, cake cutting, and your first dance. 

Nintendo Nuptials

Gamers lead the way in creating an interactive alternative to in-person ceremonies. Fans of Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” celebrate weddings, birthdays, and other milestone events in-game. The virtual option makes it possible to gather while social distancing. Additionally, a customizable interface helps couples recreate their exact dream decor and location. And relying on avatars means no hair or makeup to worry about.

Complete your wedding day ensemble with sustainably-made, machine-washable pieces from Bohyne – designed to be part of your wardrobe forever. Then, find a timeless, personalized piece from the Conges Fine Jewelry Collection to finish the look.

Need a wedding party or post-nuptial thank you gift? We love this Journey Icon Crystal Pouch (also from Conges Fine Jewelry) and the hand-poured, organic beeswax three-piece Voyage Verre Set in Blanc or Noir from organic candlemaker Les Ruches.

Also, find more creative ideas to manage pandemic wedding planning (and reduce waste) in our post on 2020’s micro-wedding trend.