The New Cost and Waste-Saving Micro Wedding Trend

New micro wedding trend could be the answer for many minimalist, eco-conscious brides.

Weddings can get expensive (and stressful!) in a hurry. The clothes, food, venue, music, invitations, and equipment rentals add up fast. What’s more, they contribute to an average 400-600 pounds of waste per event. Huff Post reports that a six-hour wedding for 100-120 guests costs around $28,000 on average (or $4,667 hourly). 

A Fresh Take on a Familiar Concept 

The micro wedding trend isn’t necessarily new. Remember Las Vegas’ Little White Wedding Chapel where Brittany Spears infamously married in 2014? That was, essentially, a micro wedding. Today, however, the concept is more mobile, personalized, and upscale. Micro weddings involve the same elements of a large wedding – a cake, photographer, venue, etc. – but at a reduced scale. And businesses like the East Coast Pop Up Wedding Company are stepping in to help.


Pick from packages like the $1,300 “Standard,” the $1,900 “Tiny Wedding,” and the $2,900 “Modern Elopement.” Appreciate more options? Personalize with your choice of flowers, cake, photographer, and venue. Meanwhile, those who prefer “done-for-you” can pick a time slot and invite a few guests (or not). 

A Waste-Free, Minimalist Wedding Wardrobe

Make your wedding waste-free and minimalist right down to the clothing. If micro weddings appeal to your sense of sustainability, then you’ll love the ceremonial collections from eco-conscious designer Bohyne. The company sources materials for each handcrafted piece from unused or over-purchased stock. As a result, they help to reduce industry waste and save yards of beautiful fabric from landfills or burn pits.

“Wedding dresses are inherently unsustainable,” explains owner and designer Colleen Bankovich. “Bohyne is leading industry-wide change with designs that are re-wearable, machine-washable, and built to be part of your wardrobe forever.” From trousers and jumpsuits to cami tops, dresses with ornate overlays, and formal gowns, every Bohyne design is an investment in future generations and environmental progress.

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