Natural Immunity Hacks

Why is it that wintertime seems to bring an onslaught of germs and sickness? Scientists aren’t completely certain, but believe it may have to do with many complex factors such as: 

  • Central heating drying out our sinuses and decreasing our ability to fight off germs
  • Cold weather keeping us all contained indoors, making the spread of germs more likely

Whatever the reason for wintertime colds and flu, there are (fortunately) plenty of natural ways to boost your immunity. Here are a few natural immunity hacks to keep you healthy and happy this season:


Citrus fruits, red bell peppers, broccoli, and spinach all help to boost Vitamin C.

According to Healthline, citrus fruits, red bell peppers, broccoli, and spinach are rich in immunity-boosting Vitamin C. Garlic and ginger are also some of nature’s biggest germ-fighters (making them terrific remedies if you DO catch a bug). Yogurt and other cultured or fermented foods help balance the fragile gut microbiome, responsible for much of your immunity and overall health. Spices like Turmeric help to fight the bodily inflammation that leads to illness, while Green Tea provides antioxidants and other germ-fighting compounds necessary to stay well. 


Getting enough sleep is essential to staying healthy.

There are lots of outside factors that can contribute to the health of your immune system. For one thing, increased levels of stress can take their toll on your health (read more about how to bust stress on our blog). So can increased consumption of alcohol or processed, sugary foods, which act like toxins inside the body. Getting enough sleep is also absolutely essential to staying balanced. Watching out for these elements of your lifestyle and making adjustments where necessary can help you maintain optimum health throughout the cold-weather season.


Drinking lots of water helps to flush body toxins and keep your system running smoothly.

Like a plant, you need plenty of hydration in order to survive and thrive. Making sure to drink lots of water can help to flush out toxins and keep your system running smoothly. Water also supports the cells responsible for fighting off germs and (bonus!) helps to regulate your body temperature against those freezing winter winds. Having difficulty remembering to drink water throughout the day? Try carrying it in a beautiful, eco-friendly bottle like this one from The Etching Bee

For more natural immunity hacks, check out this article published by Harvard Medical School. 

More Gratitude, Better Immunity!

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