How To Give Your Bedroom a Summer Refresh

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. It’s where we sleep, relax, spend quality alone time, and sometimes even work. Therefore, your bedroom should be a sanctuary that helps you reset your mind and harness positive energy. Now that summer is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to give your space an intentional and mindful upgrade. Not sure where to start? Below, we’re sharing three easy tips for giving your bedroom a much-needed summer refresh.

Fill the Air With Scents You Love

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Image via Noho Candle Co.

There’s a reason candles are a signature gift for every holiday and birthday. Scents have the power to influence our mood by filling the atmosphere with soothing smells that help us relax. Whether you like burning incense, candles, or sage, lighting up a deliciously scented product at the end of a long day is the ultimate summer refresh. If you don’t know where to find the perfect scent for you, check out our eco-friendly candle collection on Verte Luxe. We offer a variety of options from a few of our favorite brands, including Les Ruches and NoHo Candle Co. Both brands use sustainably sourced ingredients that you can feel good about keeping on your bedside table.

Use Natural Cleaning Products


The best way to give your bedroom a summer refresh? Rid your home of any toxic or unnatural chemicals. To start the process, stock up on natural cleaning products. Why? Because they’re good for both you and the planet! We suggest ordering the LEVŌ Custom Detox Package. LEVŌ, an eco-conscious home brand, creates made-for-you packages of natural home and cleaning products that fit your specific needs. It’s great because it takes all of the research and guesswork out of your busy schedule. So all you need to worry about is using the products once they arrive.

Incorporate Greenery


There is no better way to bring a room back to life than by bringing life to the room! Spread a few house plants throughout your bedroom or buy new flowers each week to change things up. You’ll instantly see and feel the difference that greenery can bring into any space. Not to mention, taking care of these living organisms and watering them first thing in the morning will help you start each day with a deeper intention and responsibility.

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