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Summer 2021 Home Decor Trends

Summer is here, and the home decor trends are heating up. When it comes to your personal space, it’s great to change things up with the seasons. This summer is all about being bright and starting fresh, so we’re sharing the top summer 2021 home decor trends below.

A Minimalism Moment

Minimalism is all about getting rid of things you don’t need and enjoying the serenity of a simple space. The minimalist ideal gained popularity in recent years, and summer 2021 is embracing the trend yet again. How can you achieve this interior look for yourself? Start by recycling unneeded clutter around your home and donating chunky furniture to second-hand organizations. Then, replace these pieces with products that are more suitable for a simple style.

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Inspired by Nature

Nature lovers will be happy to know that it’s now trending to bring some of Earth’s natural beauty into your home – from an increased interest in house plants and wooden art pieces to the earthy color tones of decorative pillows and blankets. If you haven’t already, you’re sure to see a ton of sage green, taupe, and dusty blues on your Pinterest and Instagram feeds this season. Add nature to your home in a subtle but elegant way with the Whitewashed Rosewood Coasters ($14.99) from Hip-O Modern Living. They’re hand-crafted out of small pieces of sustainably sourced rosewood that would otherwise be destroyed. So they’re great for both your home and the environment!

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Floating Shelf Displays

We’ve had to spend a lot more time than usual at home over the past year. Therefore, many people took that opportunity to get creative and make their walls more enjoyable to look at. Floating shelves are great for showcasing your favorite books, art prints, vases, and anything else that represents your personal style. This is also a great opportunity to get crafty and do some DIY. For a sustainable touch to your shelves, take old items you have laying around and turn them into chic, upcycled decor.

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What started as an internet trend in the 2010s is now a summer 2021 decor trend too. Cottagecore embodies a fairytale-like aesthetic, with rural, floral, and country vibes galore. For the dreamiest walls and summer night parties, snag this Bohemian Bowls Coconut Shell Luminaria ($29.99). Just add a light to the center of the bowl and let the ambiance take center stage.

Pastel Color Palette

Summer is all about lightening up your space with lively pops of color. This summer, the pastel colors are taking over. Light pinks, blues, peaches, and greens will be seen all season long. That’s why we love the Jason Fox Ceramics Wheel Thrown Textured Porcelain Vase ($150). The airy blue shades and detailed texture make for the perfect pastel addition to any home.

A home you love is the perfect place for a day of self-care. For the ultimate summer relaxation routine, check out this blog post about sustainable self-care essentials.