New York City

Green City Series: Eco-Friendly NYC

New York is one of the most famous cities in the world and for good reason. Its fast-paced lifestyle and ambitious energy attract tourists from all around the globe. Did you know that eco-friendly NYC is also well on its way to becoming a sustainable metropolitan hotspot?

At Verte Luxe, we hope to encourage eco-conscious travel by sharing destinations that are working towards an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Our Green City Series features places like Portland and St. Paul that are making a change for the better.

This week, we’re highlighting why the Big Apple has climbed to the top spot on our list of must-visit sustainable cities.

Getting Around…

Of course, most people are already familiar with NYC’s incredible public transportation system. In fact, subways have helped the city maintain a smaller per capita carbon footprint than any other big city in the United States. In addition to these underground tunnel networks, the city also created an Efficient Mobility plan that aims to implement strategies for more energy-efficient transportation like biking, walking, and mass transit.

Things to Do…

Even though New York is often called “a concrete jungle,” there are actually plenty of gardens and parks to stroll through while exploring the city sights. Have a picnic in iconic Central Park and stop by the New York Botanical Garden for green thumb inspiration.

Want to get the full tourist experience? Every eco-traveler should consider a biking tour. A wide variety of guided bike tours pedal to all the main attractions on your bucket list, such as the Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square.

Where to Eat…

If there’s one thing New York knows, it’s great food. Practically every cuisine or diet can be found nearly any time, anywhere. The best part? Numerous gourmet, earth-friendly vegan options! A few of our “can’t miss” favorites include Jajaja Plantas Mexicana, HanGawi, and Ladybird. If you’re craving something sweet, then head to Happy Zoe Vegan Bakery in Brooklyn or Erin McKenna’s Bakery.

Spring and summer travel seasons are right around the corner. Experience eco-friendly NYC as a haven for “green” tourism. Before you pack, check out these go-everywhere eco-summer essentials for your next trip to the city!