Join Verte Luxe and The Treehouse Bel Air for a High Vibes Celebration All About YOU

What does it mean to live a “high vibe” life?

For us at Verte Luxe, it means purposefully existing at the intersection of what feels good for you, our community, and our planet. It means taking care of yourself- not just on the outside that people can see, but on the inside: the place where all of your love, power, and self-confidence reside. Living a “high vibe” life is all about nurturing your soul and enjoying that natural, feel-good high every single day, so you can bring your very best to everything you do. 

That’s why on Saturday, October 12th from 12-5pm at The Treehouse Bel Air, 795 N Beverly Glen, Bel Air, CA 90077 Verte Luxe presents “A High Vibe Eco-Luxe Experience.”

For just one day, escape the pressure and stress of the daily grind and focus on re-setting and re-vibing for a better YOU. Join celebrity/ red carpet host, wellness advocate, and former Miss California Veena Crownholm for the high vibe event of the season, complete with a stunning succulent wall photo backdrop and a full-day schedule of inspirational workshops:

12:30pm – Enjoy invigorating yoga

1:15pm – Immerse the senses in a sound healing bath

2:00pm – Nourish body and mind with an “elixirs and potions” cooking class

2:45pm – Balance energy with a tuning forks session

3:30pm – Celebrate high vibes living with a tea ceremony

6:00pm – Savor tantalizing plant-based selections (with a view!) at a private, VIP dinner on The Treehouse Bel Air rooftop

Guests can also browse an exclusive collection of eco-conscious fashion, health, and home products and customize their experience with all-day tastings of the area’s best vegan cuisine, individual Tarot card readings, and personalized numerology readings with The Treehouse Bel Air-featured numerologist, Gina Roda.

Eco-conscious brands looking to connect with their ideal customers or clients and gain broad press exposure as a participating event vendor are invited to contact Verte Luxe founder Laura Frecon at Laura@VerteLuxe.com to learn about available sponsor packages from $400 – $6,000.