Top 5 Eco-Friendly Beach Essentials

No summer is complete without a trip to the beach. Plus, in the wake of COVID-19, an ocean visit might be one of the best ways to get outside while practicing social distancing. Make sure your experience is pleasant for all involved – Mother Nature included – with these top 5 eco-friendly beach essentials.

Cute, Eco-Conscious Carry-All

eco-friendly beach bags

Entirely handmade from 100% raffia, The Noces Fiona Bucket Bag ($127) is a stylish, consciously-crafted beach tote. 100% Zebu leather adjustable straps offer day-to-night comfort. A deep, bucket style holds all your favorite eco-essentials (and more!)

Sexy Silhouette

eco-friendly swimsuits

The Ibiza One-Piece ($99) by Sage Larock hits all the hottest 2020 swimsuit trends. A high-cut hip elongates legs while strappy, peek-a-boo sides show just a hint of skin. Adjustable shoulder straps and fringy side ties offer customizable comfort. Plus, this sexy suit is crafted in Los Angeles from high-quality, Italian fabric made from recycled ocean plastic and upcycled ghost fishing nets. Additionally, a percentage of each sale goes to support marine conservation non-profit Healthy Seas.

Reef-Safe, Sustainable Sun Protection

eco-friendly beach hats

Reef-safe sunscreen like Badger Active Mineral Sunscreen Cream SPF 30 is a must for any beach trip. Still, you can take sun safety to the next level with the Apu Indiana Style Hat ($185) by Andeana Hats. 100% handmade in Peru and available in a variety of Earth-inspired colors, the Apu hat is named for the Quechua term meaning “God” or “mountain.” The bright band depicts the Sacred Valley skyline, symbolizing the Incan belief that mountains can powerfully connect humankind to the spiritual realm. With every wear, feel empowered by and connected to nature. 

Eye-Catching (Toxin-Free!) Hydration

eco-friendly beach essentials

Carry all-day hydration in style with beautiful Floral Collection bottles ($30 each) by The Etching Bee. Made of high-quality, sturdy glass and featuring gorgeous, nature-inspired etchings, each bottle saves you up to $1,600 annually and keeps countless pounds of plastic waste out of landfills. Enjoy toxin-free, clean hydration from a glass bottle that – unlike most reusable plastics – won’t leach chemicals into your beverage. As an added bonus, check out The Etching Bee’s “Go Pure” Water Purifier pods made with renewable diatomaceous earth for a fresh sip anywhere, anytime. 

Multi-Tasking Beach Blanket

eco-conscious beach essentials

The organic, cotton-wool blend Modern Momo Blanket ($160) by The Global Trunk is a hard-working beach companion. Handcrafted by K’iche’ Mayan artisans on traditional wooden looms, each chemical-free blanket is lightweight for easy travel. Spread it on the sand to mark your territory or drape it over your shoulders when ocean breezes arise. 

Looking for more eco-conscious beach favorites? We love the handwoven Molly Sandal ($180) by The Root Collective. Also, be sure to check out our posts on DIY all-natural seasonal scents and refreshing summertime sips!