Why You Should Try 2020’s Wedding Cake Rental Trend

The wedding cake rental trend is sweeping the nation. It’s no secret that professionally-crafted wedding cakes cost a pretty penny. Priced anywhere from $500 – $1,500 on average (between $1.50 – $12 per slice), this sweet confection often consumes a hefty chunk of your wedding budget. In fact, the most expensive cake – made in Dubai – cost an astounding $1 million to make. That’s why bakeries like Toronto’s Le Dolci and San Diego’s Amazing Wedding Cake Rentals offer clients a chance to go faux. 

So, what does that mean, exactly? Couples choose from a selection of “dummy cakes,” complete with beautiful faux tiers and a real top for cake-cutting and photos. When it comes time to serve guests, pre-made sheet cakes replace the rental. And the faux? That gets returned to the bakery for future use. 

All of the glam with none of the overspending or excess food waste 


Cake rentals first emerged as a money-saving solution. They cost far less – sometimes ⅓ to ¼ the price of a real tiered cake – while looking every bit as glam. Because let’s face it, all of that fondant, hand detailing, and intricate design work requires a good bit of time and effort on the part of a trained baker. In the end, that fancy exterior (and your money) all get eaten up, anyway. 

Plus, there’s another important aspect to consider when browsing your cake options: food waste. For the wedding industry, it’s a very real problem. As it turns out, a full tenth of your wedding spread will likely end up in the garbage. Harper’s Bazaar reports: “uneaten wedding cake was found one of the biggest contributors to the nation’s food waste problem. More than one in 10 couples admitted they eventually threw it away.” With a simple sheet cake, it’s far easier to repurpose the confection post-nuptials. Freeze it for a future birthday. Offer it as a take-home favor to guests. Bake leftovers into cookies. Grab a fork and go to town yourself. After all, every host knows the challenge of finding time to eat when you’re busy greeting guests and dancing!

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