The Art of Mindful Eating By HONEYBEEHEALING


To understand our bodies intuitively, we must be open-minded and practice active listening continuously throughout our lives.

Mindfulness put very simply, is awareness: non-judgmental awareness of what’s happening in the present moment, both internally and externally, with an attitude of curiosity.

This awareness is innate within all of us, we all harness the ability to somehow instinctively know what our bodies need- But like any skill, it must be cultivated and strengthened with practice, to truly find balance within yourself and the surroundings you can control.

Practicing mindful eating supports you to pay attention to the actual process of eating as well as internal and external reasons we choose to eat, both consciously and subconsciously.

It promotes letting go of rigid food restrictions, by replacing them with evidence-based nutrition principles combined with feedback from our body about what/when, and if it heals or hurts.

When you master mindfulness by intuitively eating and listening to YOUR BODY, research shows it decreases stress, anxiety, and depression, all of which are heavily linked to poor states of health & mentality.

Becoming a mindful eater will enable you to align with your BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT. By empowering your relationship with food, you will find joy and pleasure with eating. You will be able to tune in to your cravings, and reflect with negative emotions in healthy ways that don’t involve Secondary Food.

Mindfulness will give you the personal POWER to discover a more satisfying relationship with your body and food and encourages wise choices that you lead you to optimum states of being.